Lighting Performance
RAY provides CLEAN and UNIFORM light of 45 lumen whith 60˚ flood of light.
2 steps control and SOS flashing are possible.

When fully charged, it cna be used for more than 6 hours with High Brightness and for more than 10 hours with Low Brightness.
The Fastest Charging Time
Solar charging takes about 5.5 hours for about 6 hour lighing span(High Brightness) under direct sunshine.
And AC Adaptor charging takes about 1.5 hours for 90% charging.(in case 12V 500mA AC Adaptor)

Charging - Solar and Grid
RAY can be charged using 5~12V AC adaptor, USB port of PC or Phone Charger, Car Cigar Jack and even SOLAR Charger.
Battery Protection

Ray does Over-charging and Deep-discharging protection for certain.

Over-charging and Deep-discharging may cause shortening battery's lifetime expectancy.

A complete discharge may cause a serious damage on battery.
No Self-Discharging
There is no power consumption caused by Ray circuit itself when it is not used.

So, a full-charged device can be used after about 6 months without charging again, for example.
100% Production Inspection
We are now inspection all of the manufactured products by using our own high-performance Signal Processing Inspection System.

If any one of fuctions is out of permmisible range, it can not be released
Various Kinds of Accessories
  • Clip for Cap
  • Multi-purpose Silicon Bandage
  • Mini Stand Clip for Stand Lighting, Wall of Ceiling Lighting
  • 1.2Wp Solar Charger
  • Head Band for Safety Helmet(Angle Adjustable)