• Up to 130 Lumen at Maximum Brightness
    Long Lasting Lighting Time(When Fully Charged)
  • High Brightness Level: More Than 5 Hours
  • Midium Brightness Level: More Than 13 Hours
  • Low Brightness Level: More Than 40 Hours
    Solar Charging
  • Charge SolarTurn1130 Using a Built-in Solar Panel
  • 5 Hour Charging a Day for 5 Hour Lighting
  • Charging 5 Hour a Day Recommended
    Grid Charging
  • Charge SolarTurn1130 Using AD/DC Adaptor or Cigar Jack Adaptor of a Car
  • About 2 Hours for 90% Charging
  • Long Lasting and Environmemt-friendly Lithium Ion Battery
  • 3 Years (500cycle) Expected Life Time
    Mobile Phone Charging
  • Mobile Phone Can be Charged
  • With A Fully Charged Device, About 60% of a Smart Phone Battery Can Be Charged
  • Some Phones Can Not Be Charged
    Flashing SOS Signal for Emergency
    4-Step Smart LED Indicator for Battery Status
    Water Resistant and Dust Proof
    Un-breakable LED Light Bulb Cap
    440 gram, 45x160x190 mm