Lighting Performance
SolarTurn1130 provides 130 Lumen bright light for 7 hours on a full battery.
3 step dimming control and SOS flashing are possible.

It also provides 120˚ flood of light for ambient usage and there is no dark area under the device - "The beacon does not shime on its own base!"
Water Resistant
Circuits of SolarTurn1130 are completely shielded by using silicon O-Ring in order to achieve the water resistant.

If the connector cap is completely closed, SolarTurn1130 works normally even under the heavy rain.
Charging - Solar and Grid
Solar charging takes about 5 hours for 5 hour usage under direct sunshine.
And AC adaptor charging takes about 2 hours(in case of 12V 500mA AC adaptor)

Faster charging is accomplished by high efficient circuit and own cutting edge MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)

No Self-Discharging
There is no power consumption caused by SolarTurn1130 circuit itself when it is not used.

So, a full-charged device can be used after about 6 months without charging again, for example.
Battery Protection

SolarTurn1130 does Over-charging and Deep-discharging protection for certain.

Over-charging and Deep-discharging may cause shortening battery's lifetime expectancy.

A complete discharge may cause a serious damage on battery.
Smart Phone Charging
USB DC output port can be used for charging almost all kind of Mobile devices, MP3, PMP, Galasy S, iPhone even iPad, Galasy Tab, Notes, etc.

Width a fully charged SolarTurn1130, a smart phone(Galaxy, iPhone) can be charged about 60% (Some phones cannot be charged).
100% Production Inspection
Thanks to our own SPIS and TTP(Signal Processing Inspection System and Thorough Test Protocol), we are able to test every single product before shipment.